Aircraft Surveys

Safe Skies Aviation, LLC defines an aircraft survey as a survey of the subject aircraft and notation of any discrepancies found during this survey.  A survey is simply the opinion of the mechanic performing the task at hand.

We have completed several aircraft surveys and currently average about one per month.  Although the best aircraft survey is for a competent third party to complete an annual inspection we realize that this is not always a viable option.

At Safe Skies we have completed aircraft surveys under just about every circumstance.  Our average survey consists of:  running the aircraft and checking the avionics and all other aircraft systems which can be ground tested, compression checking the engine,  cutting the engine oil filter open for inspection, gear inspection, general aircraft and systems inspection, corrosion inspection, AD compliance inspection, and log book / damage history inspection.  We also provide the service of taking several pictures of the aircraft during the survey and posting them to their own website and allowing all parties involved access.  This service has worked well in the past when the buyers and sellers are in different areas of the world.

The average aircraft survey can be completed in less than one day, if requested.  Knowing that the sale of an aircraft is pending a survey, we are almost always able to schedule them on short notice.  All surveys completed in our shop are billed at the shop hourly rate.

Sometimes bringing the aircraft to Middletown is not an option.  We have traveled from the East coast to the West coast to complete aircraft surveys.  In this scenario, we do as much of the survey in the office as possible utilizing copies of logs and pictures.  If no “red flags” are found, then and only then, we proceed to travel to the aircraft.  Standard pricing for this service is shop rate for all work completed at Safe Skies and $500 per day plus all expenses for traveling.