Annuals/100 Hour/Condition Inspections

Safe Skies Aviation, LLC has completed annual/100 hour/condition inspections on an array of aircraft; from Ercoupes to Navajos.  Like most other maintenance shops, we do have our favorites with Comanches, Aztecs, Navajos, Cherokees, Skyhawks, Skylanes, Skymasters, Bonanzas and Barons at the top.  We also have experience with experimental aircraft, float equipped aircraft and amphibious aircraft.

Safe Skies Aviation, LLC’s business philosophy is largely based upon the owner’s early experiences obtained while working for a FAR part 135 “On Demand” Charter and Freight company.  Our log book entries and AD researches are superior to most.  We also believe in fixing things, not just replacing them.  And  when it does come time to replace that something, it doesn’t always mean big dollars.  Our parts department is always researching the available options for serviceable, repaired and surplus parts, as well as factory new parts.

Our inspections are based on a flat rated labor cost.  This includes a complete inspection of the aircraft in accordance with FAR 43 appendix “D” and/or manufacturers’ checklist.  After completion of the inspection, the owner will be contacted to discuss the repairs of any discrepancies that are discovered during the inspection.  The owner will be given a verbal estimate of each discrepancy including the cost of parts required.  A written estimate can be furnished upon request.  The owner will also be advised if discrepancies affect the airworthiness of the aircraft.  If a discrepancy does not affect the airworthiness of the aircraft, the customer may choose to defer it.  This option helps the customer control the cost of the inspection.