Propeller Dynamic Balancing

We have the ability to dynamically balance 2, 3 & 4 bladed propeller assemblies.  Dynamic balancing is far superior to basic static balancing for one main reason.  Dynamic balancing is the balancing of the propeller, spinner assembly, crankshaft, and rotating assembly.  The measurement used to define the movement or vibration of a propeller/engine is IPS (Inches Per Second).  During the balancing process an accelerometer is mounted to the forward section of the engine.  This measures the vertical oscillation of the propeller/engine combination.  The acceptable limit is .2 IPS.  It’s most common to find a propeller/engine oscillating around 5 to 7 IPS.  In most cases after the balancing process is completed we are able to achieve less than .2 IPS.  Sounds like a bunch of jibber jabber but we are yet to have a pilot say he doesn’t notice a difference.  It’s also common with fix pitched propeller customers to achieve a higher take off RPM with a correctly balanced propeller.